What’s Happening at Fisherman’s Mark

As you can imagine, we are very busy at Fisherman’s Mark. The crisis is already dire for many, and we are seeing an increase in people turning to us for help: about twenty percent the first three days of this week alone. Many of them are new to us. There will be a dramatic impact on the number of people who are already close to the edge. We believe that the number of people we serve will triple.

This is our 40th year helping the people who need it. These next few months will be a huge challenge, which the Mark staff and volunteers are committed to meeting. We are positioned to help, have the expertise and the networks, and we are trusted by those most vulnerable. It’s why we are here. We are designing ways to work in this new reality and understand the importance of staying ahead of it.

Many of you generously contributed to last year’s appeal, but this is an extraordinary circumstance and we are asking again. I urge you to follow the lead of Ralph Fey, the architect, and other business owners and citizens who are partnering with Fisherman’s Mark to make sure those less fortunate than us don’t go under. One supporter came up with his own metric — recognizing how much money he is saving every week now that he is staying home, he is now giving a portion to us. Please do what you can. Everything helps.

Fisherman’s Mark doesn’t give away money; it helps people get through a crisis. But we need cash to function. It’s going to be rough going for a while. Help keep our community together by looking after your neighbor and please donate to Fisherman’s Mark by clicking HERE. Your participation is essential.

Thank you for your support in these unprecedented times.
Jennifer Williford
Executive Director

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$25 will provide lunch for one child for a week
$50 will provide 2 lunches for one child for a week, or one lunch for a child for 2 weeks.
$75 will provide a child with a new backpack and necessary school supplies for the upcoming school year
$100 will provide lunch for one child for a month
$150 will provide two children with new backpacks and necessary school supplies for the upcoming school year
$200 will provide one child with lunch for the entire summer
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