Linda’s Retirement

This painting is Linda Meacham working at her desk at Fisherman’s Mark. It’s a gift, celebrating her retirement. Linda has been the Executive Director of Fisherman’s Mark for nine years, with phenomenal results during a difficult period. You’ve read about the extraordinary role FM plays in making this area a wonderful place to live, and the many people who have been helped out of jams, and how important the organization is to the quality of EVERYBODY’s life around here. FM has a small staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous contributors, and we all think of Linda as the heart. Those of us familiar with her know the effort she’s put in, and extend our deep and earnest thanks. She has changed lives. We wish her a wonderful new part of hers.

It’s all good. Fisherman’s Mark won’t miss a beat, because it’s got a great board and staff. And Linda isn’t going to slow down either. Why should she?
This painting describes that good place Fisherman’s Mark has been for her as well as others. The office in the old firehouse; the town outside the window; the fan—a symbol for working through adverse conditions; and of course, her busy desk. It’s not a particularly happy painting, but the job hasn’t always been a happy one. It certainly is a job she can be proud of, and that’s what I wanted her to remember when she looks at it—the organization, its place in the community, and how much we appreciate the role she played in it. We are fortunate to have worked with Linda and wish her the absolute best.

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