40 for 40

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Fisherman’s Mark!

For four decades, we have been working to strengthen our community by providing programs and services that promote stability, health and education. To celebrate, we intend to raise $40,000 while increasing awareness of the work we do in our community. Our goal is to build meaningful and lasting relationships with you, our local business partners. The money we raise will be put to use helping those in need – many of whom could be your friends, neighbors, customers and employees.

How You Can Help

Our mission has always been to make our community stronger and we invite you to join us. As a business partner, there are many ways you can support the work we do, including:

You can decide how you would like your donation to be used. For example, providing meals for children during the summer break, sponsoring a food truck delivery, supporting our pet program or allocating funds to be used for educational purposes. No donation is too small and with administrative costs minimized to under 9%, you can be sure that a donation to Fisherman’s Mark goes directly to the vital services we provide.

In 2018*, we proudly provided services to more than 2300 local adults and children, including:

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    food support

    Feeding 720 people through our weekly food pantry and summer farm stand program

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    Information Resource & Referral

    Linking individuals and families to available resources promoting self-sufficiency, building upon the individual’s strengths while navigating life’s challenges.

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    Case Management

    Intensive intervention for clients at risk, with complex and/or chronic needs that require treatment coordination and advocacy.

  • Lambertville Academy

    Year-round NAEYC accredited early learning center with Preschool, School Age and Summer Camp Programs. Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families.

  • bridge

    Los Puentes

    Advocacy program designed to meet the unique needs of the Latino community and bridge individuals to Fisherman’s Mark services and the community at large.

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    Community Outreach

    Offering resources to all community members to promote health and wellness for all, increase awareness of our services and broaden our scope.

  • Volunteer Program

    An opportunity for everyone to become involved by contributing their time and experience. Learn More.

*data for 2019 is not yet available

The Food Pantry and Farm Stand

The Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry assists locals in need with food and other items free of charge. We offer nutritious foods along with educational programs to promote healthy eating habits. Clients can visit the food pantry once a week to choose from a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, canned good, frozen meats and personal care items. Donations to the Food Pantry are always welcome.

Holiday Food Program

For those facing food insecurity, the holidays can be a stressful and lonely time. For us at Fisherman’s Mark it’s one of the most rewarding. We provided turkeys and Thanksgiving food to more than 250 clients and served more than 300 Christmas meals to locals in need. As a business partner, this is a great opportunity to sponsor our meal program, in-whole or in-part, and spend time at our office serving meals to clients.

Pet Food Pantry

Our Pet Food Pantry currently feeds 444 pets each month. Relying on the pantry to provide dry and wet food, toys and treats, allows our clients to keep their beloved pets. Your donation could be used to stock the pantry with much needed pet food items that are otherwise unaffordable for many people.

Food for Thought

A program specifically for seniors in our community, FFT is a monthly enrichment and mindfulness program. Held at local senior homes and centers, medical students offer workshops that address issues directly affecting the aging population, whether it be fall prevention or recognizing potential health issues. These events provide many seniors with a rare chance to socialize and an opportunity to get to know their neighbors. Sponsoring a short series of workshops would be a lasting and rewarding way to support the work we do for all members of our Lambertville community.

Backpacks and Supplies

More than 10% of Lambertville residents are living below the poverty line. Back-to-school shopping for supplies and backpacks places extra strain on family resources. Each summer we provide the necessary supplies to allow the children of Lambertville to return to school with all the supplies they need, helping them to feel confident and prepared for the year ahead. Donating to this program allows us to continue this wonderful work.

The Lambertville Academy

Our school offers full and part-time preschool from age 2 to Kindergarten. The school offers multiple enrichment opportunities, all of which are community-based. For older children, Lambertville Academy offers before and after school care, as well as full-day summer camps. Beginning at 7 am and ending at 7 pm, these programs are invaluable for working parents, and offer children a safe and structured environment. If you would like to sponsor a scholarship for a child, please contact our Executive Director Jennifer Williford.

FLY - (Feeding Lambertville Youth)

Our newest program, FLY was developed to feed children through the long summer break. During the school year these children qualify for free school meals, but oftentimes there are no extra resources to feed them while school is not in session. Supporting our FLY program in some way allows our business partners to provide a valuable service to the children of our community.

Case Management

Our on-staff social worker works with clients to offer support in times of crisis, whether that be issues relating to housing or homelessness, mental health issues, identifying Federal programs and navigating application processes. Your donation can be used to support the important work they do.

Community Outreach

One of our favorite things to do is to host a community event. Whether it is family biking along the canal path or outreach for our Latino community, these events give us an opportunity to deepen our connections to our friends and neighbors. As a business partner, sponsoring a community event such as a picnic in the park is a fun and rewarding way to celebrate the work we all do to make Lambertville stronger and more vibrant.

If you want to participate in our 40/40 Campaign, please contact our office at 609-397-0194 and ask for Jenn

Looking for other ways to get involved?


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